Our Journey

At Mindtrip, we’re travel-obsessed entrepreneurs (formerly of Apple, Google, LinkedIn, ShopStyle and Roadster). We believe that travel planning should be as fun and exciting as the trip itself. But, historically, that has rarely been the case.

Planning an adventure that suits your unique travel style often involves bouncing from website to website and endlessly scrolling through socials for inspiration and validation.

Tools like ChatGPT can save you time, but they only provide plain text responses that lack personalization and actionable insights. Plus, they don’t help organize your bookings.

So we developed Mindtrip, the most personalized way to discover, plan and organize any adventure — around the world or in your own backyard.

Mindtrip scours thousands of data sources and leverages conversational AI to provide you with:

  • Personalized travel suggestions
  • Customizable and shareable itineraries
  • Beautiful photos, interactive maps and reviews
  • And the ability to organize everything all in one place.

In short, we bring you the world and empower you to experience it in a better way — your way.

If you’re ready to travel differently, let’s go!


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